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Big Jumps

About 4 years ago, Geoff and I started a journey. It all began with a friend asking If I’d be willing to photograph her wedding the following year. Geoff and I had photographed a few of my family’s weddings and with those under our belt, combined with our years of photography experience, we were up for the challenge. We set up shop (so to speak), built a website, got the contracts and all the business stuff together. When 2008 ended, on the eve of the new year, Geoff and I set a goal to book 5 weddings in 2009. “5 weddings,” we thought. “How are we ever going to find 5 people to let us shoot their wedding!?” Well, you have to start somewhere!

What happened next, was so amazing, unexpected, thrilling, and most of all, life-changing. The inquiries started coming in. Not from friends or family, but complete strangers that found us and recognized something in our passion, and in our love of people and photography. We booked 17 weddings that year. 17! We could not believe it! It was a crazy year of meeting so many amazing couples, working REALLY hard to be better and better, and most of all, a year for us to realize what we were meant to do in life. In 2010 we photographed 29 weddings and 2011 we’ll finish out at nearly 40.

While The Goodness was growing and growing, Geoff and I had been working our 40 hour a week day-jobs for Apple, Inc. As you can imagine, we were working literally constantly everyday, and sacrificed so much of our social life, free time, family time, etc. to keep up the level of quality and customer service that our growing client base had grown to expect. It was the most rewarding thing in the world, and while we loved every minute of it, it was EXHAUSTING!

Today I am beyond overjoyed to tell you all, my wonderful and loyal readers and clients, that we quit our days jobs. It’s a scary step, leaving the security of a corporate job, but we couldn’t be happier to be focusing all of our time and effort toward something that we love and that we believe in with all our hearts. For us, “The Goodness” truly lives up to it’s name, as that is exactly what it has brought into our lives. Everyday we still cannot believe that we are living this amazingly incredible life, but we are. And for that, we want to thank each and every one of you: our wonderful clients, our blog readers, our supportive friends and family, it’s because of you that our lives are so fortunate and so full of love and goodness.

Here’s a photo from Paul and Lesley’s Shot Spot a couple weeks ago. This pretty sums up how we are feeling right now:

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