Ted + Chelsea – Old Sacramento Engagement

Ted and Chelsea are getting married! I just have to say how could you not fall for these two. Ted is this fun boisterous man who was able to win the heart of the sweet, easy going Chelsea. They both live downtown with their cute cats, their dog all in their adorable bungalow. We are a sucker for meeting a couple at their house and jumped on the chance to start their engagement session in downtown Sacramento. We headed to the park to walk the dog and finished with a perfect sunset overlooking the river. What couple doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up and having a fun date out? I know we do! Thank you for showing us why Sacramento is such a special place to you two! Your Old Sacramento engagement session was perfect!

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Sean + Kelly – North Lake Tahoe Engagement

Sean and Kelly love Lake Tahoe as it is there getaway place from the everyday life, down in the valley. Luckily enough Sean’s parents have a cabin in Truckee to enable the easy escape! Our original plan was to meet at Donner Lake and enjoy the scenery there. It happened we all chose the one day when it decided to finally rain in California. If you did not know, California is in a really nasty drought. Lisa and I sat in our car an hour early just hoping the rain was going to stop. It just kept falling from the skies swirling over us with no relent. Thankfully I happen to know the area very well. As we were driving in we made our plans for come cool spots to take photos overlooking the lake. I also knew I had to be coming up with a backup plan because what really mattered to these two was being in the outdoors, and being there together. Since the rain never stopped we drove up the road to a couple of my hidden gem locations! We had breathtaking views of the Sierra Mountains along with beautiful high alpine fields to run around in. I was so happy we turned a rainy day into one filled with sunshine and beauty! Thank you so much for trusting us to take care of you two. We had a lot of fun getting to know you and have your engagement session in Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe Engagement 001 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 004 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 007 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 010 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 012 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 014 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 016 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 019 photoLake Tahoe 001Lake Tahoe Engagement 018 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 023 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 025 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 029 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 030 photoLake Tahoe 002Lake Tahoe Engagement 034 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 035 photo

Emily + Andrew – Villa Montalvo Wedding

This is a wedding Lisa and I could not wait for. It is not because these two were flying in from Sydney, Australia to have a beautiful wedding in Saratoga. Which is down the street from her parents house, and is the cute place you will see the girls getting ready at below. It is not because we knew her dress was going to compliment her beautiful figure and somehow be perfectly timeless and elegant. We could not wait for their wedding to get to see these two make each other smile in a way that only they can make each other smile. Villa Montalvo was a perfect place for them to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. I can not tell a lie, Saratoga is beautifully nestled in the hills and is a place I love coming back to! I mean there was Deer… Thank you so much Andrew and Emily for having us capture your beautiful wedding story at Villa Montalvo! Villa Montalvo Wedding 001 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 008 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 002 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 009 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 003 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 010 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 014 PhotoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 012 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 016 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 017 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 001 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 020 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 023 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 025 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 028 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 029 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 035 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 036 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 037 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 038 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 047 PhotoaMontalvo Art Center 002 photoMontalvo Art Center 003 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 050 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 051 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 054 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 056 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 058 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 004 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 061 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 063 PhotoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 067 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 069 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 005 photoMontalvo Art Center 006 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 073 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 007 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 075 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 077 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 079 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 082 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 083 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 008 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 085 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 087 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 009 photoMontalvo Art Center 010 photoMontalvo Art Center 011 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 095 PhotoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 099 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 012 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 101 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 102 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 104 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 106 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 107 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 113 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 014 photoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 117 PhotoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 118 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 121 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 123 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 124 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 126 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 127 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 128 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 130 PhotoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 133 PhotoVilla Montalvo Wedding 138 PhotoaMontalvo Art Center 015 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 142 PhotoaVilla Montalvo Wedding 140 PhotoaMontalvo Art Center 019 photoMontalvo Art Center 020 photoMontalvo Art Center 021 photoVilla Montalvo Wedding 147 PhotoMontalvo Art Center 016 photoMontalvo Art Center 017 photoMontalvo Art Center 018 photo

November Portrait Marathon!

Portrait Marathon header

We get a ton of emails from lots of wonderful people asking if we do family portraits, and since we are so busy photographing weddings, we are not always available for them. This November you and all those wonderful people are in luck because we are putting on a portrait session marathon November 6-10!

These sessions are PERFECT for holiday cards, updating your family photos, or just because! Take photos with your kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, best friend, husband, wife, fiancé, yourself, WHATEVER!


Session TypesWe are offering 2 awesome Sacramento locations for out mini-sessions — one is fun, colorful, and urban and the other is classy, green, and natural. Sessions are 30 minutes long and you will receive 10 high-res digital files for your printing pleasure within two weeks of your session.

Session Types2

We are also offering a limited number of custom sessions — 90 minutes long at a location of your choosing (within 15 minutes of downtown Sacramento.) We work with you to select the perfect location for your session. You will receive 25 high-res digital files within two weeks of your session.

Session type

2 hour custom sessions with travel (Northern CA) A full 2 hour session with Lisa and Geoff (2 photographers) at a location of your choice in Northern CA. Think Apple Hill for some lovely fall foliage, Lake Tahoe for some gorgeous mountains, or San Francisco for a big city urban feel. We will travel up to 100 miles of Sacramento. We are happy to shoot in multiple locations (2-3) that are within 10 minutes of each other and feel free to bring a change of clothes! 2 outfits are perfect for this session.

All sessions limited to 5 immediate family members, $50 per person after 5. Session Shop

Click the button above to visit our online Session Shop for pricing and availability and checkout some of our favorite work below!

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We cannot wait to capture some fun and colorful portraits of you and you loved ones!

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