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Brad + Natalie – Claremont Hotel Wedding

Love and S’mores! That is how this whole thing started. Brad happened to be visiting friends in England and decided to chat with anyone and everyone he could about his love for S’mores. Hanging out at a get together with friends this beautiful girl with long black hair started chatting with Brad about his infatuation with S’Mores. Fast forward to their wedding and Natalie and her family has flown all the way to California to see her marry the man of her dreams at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland. Francisco was thrilled to be able to be there to tell their transatlantic love story. With only 16 people at the ceremony being there as a photographer is really a special treat. You are being shown how intimate, close and personal a wedding can be. They had a quiet sit down dinner along with a fun reception with 50-60 of their friends after dinner. I will say they know how to party! Let us know what you think of their beautiful Claremont Hotel Wedding! Thank you again Brad and Natalie for having Francisco and The Goodness capture your wedding in Oakland!

Claremont Hotel Wedding 001 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 003 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 006 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 008 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 010 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 011 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 012 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 013 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 017 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 018 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 009 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 020 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 022 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 023 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 024 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 025 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 026 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 027 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 028 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 030 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 031 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 032 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 035 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 036 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 037 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 039 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 042 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 043 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 044 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 046 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 049 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 055 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 050 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 051 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 052 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 053 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 054 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 058 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 059 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 060 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 061 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 063 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 065 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 066 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 067 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 068 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 069 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 070 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 071 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 077 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 080 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 082 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 083 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 088 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 089 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 092 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 094 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 099 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 101 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 103 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 104 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 105 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 106 photoaClaremont Hotel Wedding 110 photoClaremont Hotel Wedding 111 photo

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Dave and Lindsay-002

Dave and Lindsay – a forest, some cows, and fun!

“Why do you love me?” This is a question that frequently follows when one of us says I love you to the other (Lisa asks “why” the most). It is quickly asked but with real meaning each time, why? Sometimes the answer is the same, sometimes it is different, but it is important because we always ask. I know I have been talking about why so much lately but it is one of the most important things in our relationship today and each new day. This is a very different why, however, to what I have been talking about. This is not the “Why are we who we are as a couple?, or “Why have we done the things we do?” This is truly a simple “Why do we love each other?” As long as we can answer this “why”, we know we are happy at that very moment. Even if it is a day spent working together, a day spent driving each other crazy, a day spent cuddled by a fire, a day spent without sleep taking care of a sick baby, a day spent traveling, or a day spent apart, if we can answer this “why” it means we are doing what we want to in life. Together.

Why do we work seven days a week? Why did we quit our jobs 4 years ago? Why are we crazy enough to work from home with a 16 month old running under our feet? Why do we travel with a toddler? Why do these amazing people believe so much in our work? Why do you love me? 

What if I told you that no answer can define or secure your relationship together? It is in fact about the journey together that defines your relationship and your why. Each couple’s answer to why they love each other is different. Questioning the “why” will make sure we think about what we are doing, but it is our actions that define our relationship. It is when we have what could be described as a terrible experience together, and decide to whisper into the love of our life’s ear and let her know that even that little bit of crazy can not stop us. You tell her we have each other and that is all that matters. It is listening to your partner when all you want to do is escape your reality too. So many people describe love and happiness through sacrifice, but I define my “why” as a desire for constant together. It means I want to be with you even when I can not be. Even when I am happy and alone, I want you by my side.

Dave and Lindsay seeing your passion towards each other was exhilarating in Point Reyes. I still chuckle about being almost blown over multiple times on the beach, but you did not let that stop you being happy. You would both quietly hold each other tightly,and then pull apart just enough to stare longingly into the other’s eyes and show not just each other, but Lisa and I as well, how much you love each other. There was this passion in how you held each other that filled our hearts as the burning sun set on North Beach there at Point Reyes National Sea Shore. We both knew you two loved each by the way you laughed and giggled when we first met you both at our house, but wow you blew us away at your engagement session. I am not going to lie that I laugh and smile each time I go through these photos and see you both playing with the little flower that you picked as you cuddled in the grass. Plus how could we forget hanging out with all the free ranging cows so close to the ocean. Your playful banter, and passionate demeanor is what makes you the couple that you are. Thank you so much for sharing your love for each other with us. Without you, the relationship Lisa and I have would not be as strong as it is today. Each new couple shows us something different about this thing we call love, and you allowed our hearts to be filled that windy day at Point Reyes, and still today.

Thank you! Thank you so much for exploring the shores of Point Reyes with us for your engagement session!

Point Reyes Wedding 002 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 004 photoaPoint Reyes Wedding 005 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 006 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 007 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 008 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 017 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 009 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 010 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 011 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 012 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 015 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 016 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 018 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 021 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 022 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 023 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 024 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 025 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 026 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 027 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 028 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 029 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 031 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 032 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 033 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 030 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 035 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 036 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 038 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 039 photoPoint Reyes Wedding 041 photo

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Sara + Daniel – love and the ocean!

If you know me, you know that one of the most important things I love about what we do is understanding the why. Why do these two people love each other the way they do? why How do they make each other smile,? Why are certain things important in their relationship? These and so many other “why” questions (and their answers) are the fuel that drives us when creating intimate photos with a couple. When we first met Sara and Daniel, we talked about going to the place that he proposed to her for their engagement session. It was this nice vineyard outside of Sonoma. The funny thing is that the day he took Sara there he originally told her they were going to go to Point Reyes to go on a hike and enjoy some time by the ocean with a friend that was visiting California. Instead Dan had Sara’s family fly in from all over the US, and surprised her with an adorable proposal at the winery. So we decided to enjoy that time at the ocean in Point Reyes that Daniel had promised to take her to that same day he proposed.

One thing is extremely clear with with Daniel and Sara which is that they are fun, quirky and LOVE making each other laugh. Their goofy sense of being is incredibly infectious. I can only imagine each one of their friends are constantly laughing, and almost in tears over how fun these two are to hangout with. It is just as amazing when you see their sweet and gentle side come out. I understand why Sara was willing to move from Denver to marry Daniel. Who wouldn’t want to laugh, smile, and cry the way these two do together. When faced with a choice of something to do, or somewhere to go they always choose the sunny path. It is amazing to see how Sara leans on Daniel, and how Daniel leans on Sara for support. It is funny how so many relationships have this defining moment of, “We are going to do this together forever.” That decision for Sara was when she decided she was going to leave Denver and move to California with Daniel. 

So many of us have these moments that define who we are as a couple, and these “why’s” make up our true character. For me it was Lisa breaking up with me to drive me to a big change in my life. I knew she was the girl I wanted to marry but there were a lot of changes that needed to occur for that to happen. In one day I drove from San Francisco to June Lake, visited my sister, then drove back to Tahoe the next day, quit my job in marketing, packed up whatever could fit in my truck and moved back to Elk Grove, got my job back at Apple, and did whatever it took to change myself. I had to put every ounce of my spirit into the decision to change my life. It was one of the hardest, craziest things I had ever done. I can not tell you how thankful I am that even when every person I knew told me to get over it, I pursued what made me happy. This beautiful girl I call my wife, who is the mother of my amazing son.

It doesn’t matter how big or small each leap of faith is that we make. What is more important is that we were willing to take the leap. Sara, I am so happy you chose to move to California. You and Daniel exude happiness. I can not wait to see how that rubs off on all your family and friends!

Point Reyes Engagement Session 002Point Reyes Engagement Session 003Point Reyes Engagement Session 004Point Reyes Engagement Session 011Point Reyes Engagement Session 008Point Reyes Engagement Session 010Point Reyes Engagement Session 012Point Reyes Engagement Session 052Point Reyes Engagement Session 013Point Reyes Engagement Session 015Point Reyes Engagement Session 019aPoint Reyes Engagement Session 020Point Reyes Engagement Session 021Point Reyes Engagement Session 022Point Reyes Engagement Session 023Point Reyes Engagement Session 053Point Reyes Engagement Session 025Point Reyes Engagement Session 026Point Reyes Engagement Session 027Point Reyes Engagement Session 028Point Reyes Engagement Session 030Point Reyes Engagement Session 031Point Reyes Engagement Session 034Point Reyes Engagement Session 035Point Reyes Engagement Session 037Point Reyes Engagement Session 039Point Reyes Engagement Session 040Point Reyes Engagement Session 049Point Reyes Engagement Session 055Point Reyes Engagement Session 043Point Reyes Engagement Session 044Point Reyes Engagement Session 045Point Reyes Engagement Session 047

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Shane and Britni-003

Britni + Shane – Spring time fun!

Britni and Shane are married! These two have both been making some amazing steps together as a couple. The first step was their meeting at their High School Reunion. Who would of guessed that would be the place you would find the love of your life. They ended up not only hanging out but going back to Britni’s parents property with all of their friends for a big party after the reunion. It just so happens her parents have a “small” 80 acre parcel where it is easy for tons of their friends to just enjoy being together. It took that one night to kick-off these two supporting each other as soul mates. They recently bought a house they are fixing up together, the same week they were married Shane became a fire captain, and their close friends and family gathered for an amazing celebration. You can see that they have a lot of fun loving supportive friends and family once you get to their party. I am not going to lie those firefighters really know how to party! Their wedding was at Arden Hills in Sacramento which was a perfect setting for their party!

Arden hills wedding 008 PhotoArden hills wedding 004 PhotoArden hills wedding 010 PhotoArden hills wedding 003 PhotoaArden hills wedding 012 PhotoArden hills wedding 015 PhotoArden hills wedding 016 PhotoArden hills wedding 018 PhotoArden hills wedding 022 PhotoArden hills wedding 020 PhotoArden hills wedding 021 PhotoArden hills wedding 030 PhotoArden hills wedding 029 PhotoArden hills wedding 023 PhotoArden hills wedding 024 PhotoArden hills wedding 026 PhotoArden hills wedding 028 PhotoaArden hills wedding 034 PhotoaArden hills wedding 036 PhotoArden hills wedding 038 PhotoArden hills wedding 039 PhotoArden hills wedding 041 PhotoArden hills wedding 043 PhotoArden hills wedding 044 PhotoArden hills wedding 045 PhotoArden hills wedding 047 PhotoaArden hills wedding 048 PhotoArden hills wedding 049 PhotoArden hills wedding 050 PhotoArden hills wedding 051 PhotoArden hills wedding 052 PhotoArden hills wedding 053 PhotoArden hills wedding 054 PhotoArden hills wedding 055 PhotoArden hills wedding 056 PhotoArden hills wedding 057 PhotoArden hills wedding 058 PhotoArden hills wedding 059 PhotoArden hills wedding 061 PhotoaArden hills wedding 062 PhotoArden hills wedding 063 PhotoArden hills wedding 064 PhotoArden hills wedding 065 PhotoArden hills wedding 067 PhotoArden hills wedding 066 PhotoArden hills wedding 068 PhotoArden hills wedding 069 PhotoArden hills wedding 070 PhotoArden hills wedding 071 Photo

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