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Brit and Tim – Kualoa Ranch Wedding on Oahu!


Brit and Tim are super special to us. Brit just so happens to be Lisa’s best friend. She has been so kind to share her story, her inspiration, her love and her wedding with us. She married the love her life, Tim, on Oahu at Kualoa Ranch. That is the same place that Lost, Jurassic Park and so many other movies and TV shows were filmed at. This is a wedding that we saw grow from this little seed of an idea into a beautifully designed wedding, inspired by Hawaiian kitsch. We have so much more to come, like their invitation, ceremony and reception paper design, their entire wedding post and their wedding film. Their really is so much more goodness I can not wait to post. For now here is a little tease to hold you over!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 001Kualoa Ranch Wedding 002Kualoa Ranch Wedding 023Kualoa Ranch Wedding 003Kualoa Ranch Wedding 004Kualoa Ranch Wedding 005Kualoa Ranch Wedding 006Brit Tim Oahu Hawaii Wedding 001Kualoa Ranch Wedding 008Kualoa Ranch Wedding 009Kualoa Ranch Wedding 011Kualoa Ranch Wedding 012Kualoa Ranch Wedding 013Kualoa Ranch Wedding 014

Lisa favorite thing right now…Ukulele!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 015Brit’s favorite thing…tikisKualoa Ranch Wedding 016

Brit and Tim’s favorite thing…Shave Ice!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 018Kualoa Ranch Wedding 019

Some of the funnest design!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 020There was even a little rain at the wedding. It actually rained twice. Once the moment after Brit and Tim were announced into the reception and then a second time the moment before we took this last picture. Hawaii has a special way to let you know that life, love, happiness, friendship, family and marriage can help you make it through every hard journey. Marriage may take a bit of work but you have each other. With your partner next to you, you can really make it through anything, including a little rain.

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 021

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 022

Thank you so much for being our friends, our confidants, our rocks, our inspiration, and always being there when we need a smile. Brit, you make my wife happier then even I can sometimes. Thank you! We can not wait to share more of your Kualoa Ranch wedding with everyone out there!

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