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Chris and Brandi’s birthday engagement session at Folsom Lake

That is right folks, there was a birthday involved. Brandi was very excited to schedule her engagement session on her birthday, so we decided to bring her a little cupcake to celebrate! We were so excited to start the afternoon with Chris and Brandi at their favorite place to be at in the summer, Folsom Lake. Even with a year without a lot of rain there was plenty of water at the lake. We started our session in this gorgeous grove of trees.

Seeing these two in this beautiful sunlight was too cute, they could not stop smiling.

We quickly headed over to their favorite spot at Folsom Lake, Doton’s Point. It is where they love to hangout on the beach, go for a swim, and just have fun with friends. When we drove up we saw this beautiful bunch of purple flowers. Brandi kept spotting purple flowers all day, and now there were tons!

Oh Brandi and Chris, the start of your birthday celebration ended with such an amazing sunset. These two left us with smiles across our faces. We all drove away down the same road all giddy with emotion. We could not believe the amazing time we had.

Thank you Chris and Brandi!

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