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Chris and Sarah’s movie theatre engagement session

I have such a treat to share today! Chris and Sarah love to go to the movies, so when Sarah suggested going to a local movie theatre to do their engagement session, we were SO on board! Sarah contacted the nice folks at United Artists, who we happy to oblige our request. Perhaps they are hopeless romantics at heart too! We got an entire theatre room to ourselves and we had so much fun photographing them cuddling in the seats and hurling popcorn at each other. We made a HUGE mess but I promise we cleaned it up!


Darn straight it’s the real (ahem, reel) thing!

Our next stop was to a park in the area that has some special background for Sarah’s family. Sarah’s dad helped build this awesome playground, and then help build it again after it burned down several years ago. Its an amazing playground that I even used to go to as kid!

These are Sarah’s tiles she painted when she was a little girl!

Guess who else joined us? Chris and Sarah’s dog, Sadie! What a cute little girlie!

Aren’t these two adorable? I love their cartoon t-shirts! All four of us share a love for all things Disney and nostalgic. :)

Playground equipment is always fun for photo shoots! Of course it always helps when you have a super fun and playful couple. We loved getting to know Chris and Sarah!

Chris and Sarah brought this cute sign from home which made for a perfect ending shot.


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