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Cody & Autumn’s High School Sweetheart Engagement Session

We always like to hold engagement sessions somewhere personal to the couple. For Cody and Autumn, who started dating in high school, (even had crushes on each other for the LONGEST time without the other knowing!) we took a trip back to their hometown, Auburn, CA to Placer High to make some awesome photos of these two high school sweethearts.

Right here is the spot where the two first met each other in between classes…so heartwarming!

What an amazing day it was! Two crazy-in-love kiddos and the most awesome fall foliage! It was a beautiful combo!

Did I mention how awesome this school is? Seriously beautiful architecture — it was hard to believe it was a high school!

Wowee, we are so glad to have been able to do this session with Autumn and Cody! We loved getting to see the origins of their relationship and we hope we captured the school (and the couple, of course) to the truest extent! Thanks for being so great Autumn and Cody! We can’t wait for the wedding (and hopefully a trip to Taco Tree in the near future!)

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