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Dorothy and Teddy are engaged!

From the moment I received their first email, I knew this couple would be awesome to work with. With adorable names like Dorothy and Teddy, how can you go wrong? Needless to say, Geoff and I were not disappointed. They are a super cute, super sweet couple that are completely made for each other. We started off their engagement session in the gorgeous Discovery Park in Sacramento.

I think I am beginning to have a tiny love affair with bridges. Not only are they symbolic of the journey the couple is starting off into, they add just the right amount of texture and interest.

I loooove this one below. It’s how I imagine them walking together through the park when they are a cute elderly couple.

After spending some time in the park, we headed into downtown for some urban-type shots. I always love shooting in an urban setting. There are different colors and textures everywhere you turn!

Jim-Denny’s had some bomb milkshakes. I recommend dropping by! I hear they have some pretty great burgers too!

Then we headed up top of our favorite 10-story parking structure to get a view of the Sacramento skyline at sunset.

Dorothy and Teddy we had a great time with you and know your wedding is going to be fabulous! We can’t wait!

Click here to see all of Dorothy and Teddy’s Engagement photos

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