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Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year ago today, Geoff and I were standing face to face, with tears in our eyes, as we vowed to be together for the rest of our lives. It was such an emotional and amazing day, definitely one of the funnest days of our lives. After a year of marriage it is clear that our relationship is so much stronger and we are completely lost without each other. The photo from our wedding day makes me well up still.

To celebrate our first anniversary, Geoff and I decided to take the doggies and hit the road to Big Sur for a camping trip! It had been 4 years since our last camping trip so we were well overdue! Our trip started out with proof that weddings follow us where ever we go. The campground we went to was full and had only room for walkups. Well, it just so happened that we met Eli who planned on proposing to his girlfriend that morning and taking her on a whirlwind trip to southern California! AWWWWWW! He said we could have his campsite and we got to take some photos of the VERY newly engaged couple. SO flippin’ SWEET!

Congratulations Eli and Leigh, wherever you may be!!

We took a hike down to the rocky oceanside. Just as I expected he might, Charlie jumped right in!

Little Dog avoided the water at all costs and was perfectly content to stay as bundled up as possible.

The first night, we made poor man’s meals, a MUST for camping cuisine.

YUM! They were SO good.

THIS was the view from our campsite. Freakin’ gorgeous.

Ahhhhh…some MUCH needed relaxation. I feel more relaxed just looking at this photo.

My supermodel Charlie.

He also likes to stare out longingly at the ocean.

Go, go, Team Bardot!

I’m very intent on my game of Angry Birds on the iPhone

Yay for night photography!

One of the days we visited Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and hiked to see THE MOST beautiful bit of Pacific Ocean I have seen in Cali.

Along the way we came across this little guy. Quite possibly the cutest rodent ever.

Ahhh, SO gorgeous. This little area is closed off to the public so it is completely pristine.


Another beautiful view. This area had some of the bluest ocean water we’d ever seen. Gosh, I wanna be back right now.

Brrr! Cold up there.

ВЎQue romГЎntico!

Our very first Bardot Family Camping Trip! One we will never forget and one of many more to come. We had an AMAZING time and are already planning on returning there. We had a wonderful anniversary trip and an incredible first year of marriage. There is so much of life ahead of us and we can’t wait for all the goodness the future has in store for us. I love you hubby!

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