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Helena’s Baby Shower (and mini-maternity session!)

Helena is my very best friend (you may recognize her as my MOH at our wedding) and I am soooooo overjoyed for her because she is expecting a baby! She is already and awesome momma to little Shae (who was our ring bearer!) and I know when little baby Eva arrives she will be an even more amazing mother. And what is a best friend to do? Throw a kick-butt baby shower! Geoff and I teamed up and had a blast putting on the event. Below are the invitations I designed.

I have to start off this post by talking about the FOOD. Geoff planned and prepared the entire menu and it was the highlight of the party. Geoff is just amazing that way, I sure love him lots. He made a plethora of baguette slices topped with lots of fun yummy things like chicken salad, brie cheese with apples and caramelized onions, Nutella and orange marmalade, avocado with bacon and sprouts and he made fried ravioli. Everything was SO delicious.

He also made sliders with homemade chipotle mayo. Yum…

Geoff was in charge of food and I was in charge of everything else! We all had a blast playing baby shower games like “guess the melted candy bar”. The game sure elicited some grossed-out looks from the players.

We had a contest to see who could drink the most beer/soda from a baby bottle. So funny watching grown men drink out of the bottles.

That’s the most the winner could drink in 3 minutes!

I froze plastic babies in ice cubes and had a race to see who could “give birth” to their baby the fastest by sucking the ice off. No biting allowed!

And lastly blindfolded “mommies” had to feed their “babies” a jar of baby food the fastest to win the game. Mmmmm…the yellow is Mac ‘n’ Cheese flavor. Ack!

My favorite little Shae!

After the party wound down I took Helena away for a quickie maternity session. I told her she had to have at least SOME photos while she was preggers.

Who’s that peeking around from Helena’s belly? It’s Shae! Boy, doesn’t he look excited to meet his baby sister. I know he’s going to be an awesome big bro!

Helena you are such an amazing person and you are going to be a fantastic momma to Eva. Geoff and I both cannot WAIT to meet her! It really should be any day now, so expect some newborn photos up here soon!

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