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It’s a beautiful thing… (teasers!)

Some days may be crazy, full of stress and work with no end in sight. (I tell ya, being a wedding photographer is much less glamorous than you might think.) But then there are the days we actually get to spend with couples being in love and showing each other love. Smiling, laughing, having fun together, and knowing they’ll never be without one another. And we’re there too, making those little moments live forever. Moments looking into each other’s eyes, eyes that get all squinty because he’s making her laugh so hard, the warm embraces, the quiet stares that say so much without a word. As photographers, Geoff and I feel so lucky to be a witness to love. I know it all sounds so clichГ©, but we truly believe that love is a beautiful thing. It’s why we do what we do.

I’m eager to share these two engagement sessions from last weekend. These two photos make me smile so. We took Aaron and Ashley to a beautiful blossoming orchard in Dixon. It was magical, let me tell you.

Then there was Jeremy, who is a crack-up, paired with Rachel, who is sweet as can be, at William Land Park on a gorgeous afternoon.

Last summer, we photographed Diane and Matthew’s wedding at Fairytale Town which is inside Land Park. It was not too long before we went from being Lisa Welge Photography to who we are now, The Goodness. We bought a little piece of history in Fairytale Town’s Yellow Brick Road to mark the start of something big. It has been such an amazing ride. We got to see our brick for the first time the day of Rachel and Jeremy’s session. It’s a pretty cool feeling having our brick there, knowing we’ll be able to take our future kids to see it! Just like the wonderful couples we get to work with, we are so excited for all that life has in store for us.

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