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Jaesa + Ross – a stroll in Mckinley Park

Jaesa and Ross love having a day out in the park together. If they are not with their adorable puppies at their house or driving around a golf course they are probably enjoying a Sunday together watching football or baseball. These two love to get away and go on mini adventures with each other to Tahoe and Santa Cruz. I can not believe how good these two are at always doing date nights and getting out and having fun together. In fact, on a trip to Santa Cruz Ross had a pretty amazing plan setup. After his Nephew’s party he really wanted to go to play a round of golf. The thing is, Jaesa loves coming along to drive the golf cart around and just be with Ross. She is kind of an amazing girl, plus really, who does not love to race around in a golf cart? Well, on that particular trip Ross had other plans. He got down on one knee and completely surprised Jaesa with a ring. Here we are now with these two living in their first house together with their two adorable dogs Sara and Oakley, a sweet maltipoo and a gorgeous white german shepherd.

Mckinley Park Engagement 002Mckinley Park Engagement 001Mckinley Park Engagement 003Mckinley Park Engagement 005Mckinley Park Engagement 006Mckinley Park Engagement 007

Lisa and I were both very surprised to see a little heart in the ground. I can tell you it most certainly not new. We had to stop for a cute photo with it!Mckinley Park Engagement 008

After hanging out at the park it was time to drive down the street to their adorable East Sacramento home. There is something about a cute picture on your porch that makes me smile. There are already so many memories there and plenty more to come. It is how your family and friends enter to see you, it is how you start and end parts of your day. So much happens there.

Mckinley Park Engagement 009Mckinley Park Engagement 010

Jaesa and Ross happen to have an awesome orange tree in their backyard. They even picked a couple for us!

Mckinley Park Engagement 012

After that out came the puppies! Sarah is a ton of fun bustling with energy!

Mckinley Park Engagement 014

There there is Oakley who is very much Ross’ girl. I had never seen such a pretty German Shepherd before!

Mckinley Park Engagement 013Mckinley Park Engagement 015Mckinley Park Engagement 016

After hanging out with the puppies we had one last important thing to do. Hangout in some Giants gear and have a bit of fun! Ross actually works for a company that manages softball competitions and if you did not know these two LOVE sports. Thanks again you two for an amazing afternoon!

Mckinley Park Engagement 017

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