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Jason + Allison-Old Sacramento, smiles, flags, and bikes!

These two are adventurous. I really mean wildly adventurous. From jumping out of planes, running marathons, snowboarding or skiing, cycling, riding motorcycles, these two seriously do it all. How can you blame them from falling in love for each other as the enjoy so much of the same. Allison and Jason are very always there for each other. Jason has been injured once or twice throughout the years and Allison was there nursing him back to health. Since Jason is a bit rough on himself, it is no surprise how we was able to get away with faking his leg was sore the day he proposed. They had just finished a bike ride with their friend and his friends daughter and packed up the truck. Jason grabbed Allion’s hand and asked if she would walk with him to stretch out his legs. He brought her out into the middle of the park, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The elated Allison said yes. Here are some photos of them just enjoying a fun evening together out and about Old Sacramento. 

Old Sacramento Engagement Session 002 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 003 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 004 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 005 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 006 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 009 photoaOld Sacramento Engagement Session 008 photoUntitled 001Old Sacramento Engagement Session 011 photo

Jason served for over 10 years in the Army. He had the opportunity to serve, protect and do some amazing things for us. One thing he loves is the American flag. We had to make sure to get at least one good picture of the humungous flag flying outside the Delta King! 

Old Sacramento Engagement Session 012 photo

Motorcycles! This is Jason’s bike; a clean 600 Ninja. The funny thing is that Allison wants him to get a new bike. I mean what an amazing fiancée right? Who would have known the reason behind that is so that she gets this bike. Now that is a wonderful future wife though I will say. Thoughtful, honest, and loves to be with her fiancé as much as possible!
Old Sacramento Engagement Session 013 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 014 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 016 photoa

Thanks again sharing for sharing your story with us Allison and Jason. We can not wait to see you two again for an amazing winter wonderland!

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