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Jeff and Kristen are engaged! (teaser)

Ok, so. Jeff and Kristen’s engagement session? AMAZING!! These two are camping fanatics, so we headed up to the Santa Cruz redwoods for an ADORABLE camping theme session. I’m kinda in love with these photos and Jeff and Kristen are pretty amazing themselves. I am so, so, SO excited to share more. Come back soon, you wont want to miss it!!

On a similar note, Geoff and I will be camping the rest of the week as well! We are celebrating our first wedding anniversary and we are very excited! We can’t believe its already been one year. That being said, we’ll be off the grid for a few days, so if you contact us and don’t hear back right away, don’t fret. We still love you and we’ll get back to you next week. Have a happy weekend!

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