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Keith + Danielle : it only took a fortune cookie!


So the first thing you should know is how these two started dating. One day Keith went over to Danielle’s with chinese food and a movie. He had bought a fortune cookie beforehand and taken out the fortune and replaced it with his own. It was to ask her out to his fraternity’s formal. After dinner Keith ever so carefully offered a bowl of fortune cookies to Danielle but she declined. Keith persisted and still Danielle declined. He had to actually put it in her hand to have her take one. Luckily though for Keith she opened the cookie and everything started to make sense. Thank goodness the fortune brought them both some very good luck and an extremely sweet relationship.

Capital park CSUS engagement 001 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 002 photo

Keith and Danielle also brought Roscoe. This little guy was running around having a great time at the park!

Capital park CSUS engagement 003 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 004 photo

They also told us about this mural they loved in downtown. Funny thing was that same mural was one Lisa and I loved and had always wanted to go to for photos. Well when these two told us they loved the mural we had to stop by before we headed to CSUS. The place where this whole relationship started.Capital park CSUS engagement 005 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 006 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 007 photo

CSUS…since they met here through their fraternities it was very important to end at Sac State. It was such a nice evening and we could even see the moon! Capital park CSUS engagement 008 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 009 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 010 photo

Thank you so much Keith and Danielle for sharing your story and having us here to capture who you to are. We can not wait to see you again soon!

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