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Lance and Kimnan’s colorful Cambodian wedding

I cannot say it enough…Geoff and I feel so lucky to be a part of Lance and Kimnan’s cultural Cambodian wedding. It was unlike any other wedding we’ve been to. It was colorful, full of family, food, and traditions. It was quite the experience! What a great wedding to end 2009 with. The ceremonies were held at Kimnan’s parent’s home.

I love the cute little look they are giving each other here.

This part was fun. It was the traditional hair-cutting ceremony. Family members were invited to give the happy couple a little trim (they only pretended of course!)

This is why fall is my favorite season! The color of this tree was A-MAZE-ing! It was as though it was there JUST to look awesome with Lance and Kimnan’s outfits.

For the final ceremony, Lance and Kimnan were dressed as a king and queen. Family members tied red threads around their wrists as symbols of good fortune as they were showered with sparkly confetti.

Then they changed into the american-style white gown and tux for some photos and for the reception later that evening.

Kimnan looked drop-dead gorgeous! She is such a beautiful woman and she wore every outfit so well. Absolutely a treat to photograph!

Then we headed down to the American River for what are some of my favorite wedding portraits ever! The light was just scrumptious and Lance and Kimnan are sooo adorably cute together.

Thank you SO much for letting us be a part of this amazing celebration. We will truly never forget it! Lance and Kimnan, we wish you all the happiness in the world!

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