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Matthew and Diane’s engagement session!

Matthew and Diane…oh how we love them so. They are so cute and sweet and funny! We had a great time with them at their engagement session. They are made for each other and so in love, they made taking photos easy-peasy! They had the awesome idea of shooting at the Tower Theatre which was great because I’d been wanting to shoot there for some time now!

These two are so cute and smiley! We were loving it!

Diane tried so hard to keep a serious face for this shot. I’m actually glad they both burst into laughter ’cause now I can make a rad animation!

Can you believe these were taken in front of a Walgreens?!

After the downtown shots, we headed down the Sacramento River levee, a place that Matthew and Diane visit often, as it is not far from where they live. I am soooooo glad we went here. The colors were so gorgeous. Plus a hilarious (and possibly intoxicated) passerby decided to offer us some photography lessons. How was this man such an expert in photography? In his own words, “My brother works for Pixar.” SOOOO funny!

Seriously, Matthew and Diane, you two are awesome! Thank you for being such a great, down-to-earth couple. I cannot even begin to say how excited we are for your wedding in June. It’s going to be in Fairy Tale Town people! The photo opportunities have my mind spinning. Oh and did I also mention how excited I am that Diane is MAKING her wedding dress?! How cool are you Diane?! We absolutely cannot wait for the big day!!

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