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Jannis and Kevin – Married in Monterey!

Jannis and Kevin are married! Her family is from Monterey but lives here in Sacramento now. It was no surprise to anyone that she wanted to be married in Monterey at The Monterey Plaza Hotel! Here are a few of our favorites from their wedding day!

Monterey Wedding 001Monterey Wedding 003aMonterey Wedding 006Monterey Wedding 007Monterey Wedding 009aMonterey Wedding 010Monterey Wedding 013aMonterey Wedding 012Monterey Wedding 014Monterey Wedding 015Monterey Wedding 016Monterey Wedding 018Monterey Wedding 019Monterey Wedding 021aMonterey Wedding 022Monterey Wedding 024Monterey Wedding 027Monterey Wedding 031Monterey Wedding 033aMonterey Wedding 034Monterey Wedding 035Monterey Wedding 038Monterey Wedding 042Monterey Wedding 044Monterey Wedding 045Monterey Wedding 048aMonterey Wedding 049Monterey Wedding 051Monterey Wedding 052Monterey Wedding 053Monterey Wedding 055aMonterey Wedding 057Monterey Wedding 059aMonterey Wedding 060Monterey Wedding 061Monterey Wedding 063

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