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Our Wedding: Part 1 | Pre-Ceremony

Oh. My. Goodness. We have wedding photos! So many wonderful photos in fact, I’ve got to break this down into parts. I present you with Part One: Before we got hitched. I’ve been waiting to do a write up about our wedding until now because its just not the same unless I can SHOW you. Let me start off by saying that we had the most amazing photographers ever, Sarah Maren Photography. Geoff and I had such a blast working with Sarah and her hubby Dustin and are so glad to now call them friends! Thank you both SOOOOO much Sarah and Dustin, the photos are amazing and working with you was a dream!

Oooookay…on to the main event! There are so many cliches out there about weddings, “It goes by so fast”, “It’s the happiest day of your life”, etc., etc. Well, they are all true! Our wedding day was absolutely EPIC. Was it everything I ever dreamed it would be? Um, YES! The feeling of joy all day was overwhelming. Marrying Geoff was THE most incredible, happy, wonderful, joyus, (I could go on) moment of my life. We owe so many thanks to so many people for pitching in and make the day as amazing as it was.

Let’s get to it! We girls got ready in Placerville at the Cary House hotel. Here is a photo of my sister’s figuring out how to tie the wrap dresses I made them.

Here’s all the colorful petticoats I neglected to take a photo of before when I showed you my dress.

Here are two of the THREE pairs of shoes I wore that day. I had a pair of gettin’ married shoes, dancin’ shoes, and party shoes! I LOVE the yellow ones, I wear them all the flippin’ time now!

My little sister helped me get in the dress. Yup, that’s her knee in my back.

Pinning on my sunny little flower.

While we gals were getting gussied up, Dustin was hanging out with Geoff and his guys as they got ready. Geoff wore that shirt especially for the day.

Geoff loved his blue socks!

Geoff and I wanted (of course!) to do a first look session. I can now speak from experience about how awesome this was. I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked up to Geoff with his back to me. I could see his smile without ever seeing his face. I recognized the deep breaths he takes when he gets choked up. Then I tapped him on the back and saw the handsome man I was about to marry. Instantly we both broke into tears. We were so incredibly happy. All we could say was, “I love you.”

Life was GOOD.

Geoff looked so handsome. I’m so glad we nixed the tuxes and went for suits for the guys. Geoff looked incredibly handsome. The orange-stripey tie, the perfectly fitted suit, his adorable bearded face. I’d never seen him look so good!

I also loved all of the APPLES EVERYWHERE! In case you didn’t know, apples are kind of a big deal for us. Geoff and I met each other working for Apple Inc. and we are huge Apple people. Our engagement pictures featured our his-and-hers Macbook Pros. We got married at Apple Hill because not only is it the place where I have cut down Christmas trees with my family every year for the past, um, forever, it is also the half way point between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe (Geoff lived in Tahoe for a while during our relationship and we did the long-distance thing) and just across the highway from where we married was where Geoff and I would meet, and he’d drive me the rest of the way to Tahoe. Apple Hill was the most perfect place to get married. Ever.

Sarah took us around for some rockin’ portraits. We had giant balloons. Yesss.

Geoff and his groomsmen shared a fine bottle of scotch pre-ceremony.

I gave my hubby-to-be a little gift for our wedding. Here he is reading the card I wrote him.

A Canon G10! I told Geoff that I was giving him the camera as a promise to spend good, quality, him-and-I time together and to make memories without having to worry about lugging ALL of our photography equipment around. Not everything in our lives has to be job, and to focus on US and our relationship. We made good use of it on our mini-moon to Disneyland!

I present you with the only photo WE took on our wedding day. Go G10!

After that it was time to get married! Geoff and I parted ways and got ready for the ceremony. I can’t wait to share more images and more wedding story. The love-filled-tear-fest ceremony, LOTS of details from cotton candy to board game-centerpieces to DIY up the wazoo, and the PARTY (oh, the party)! Come back soon for more!

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