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Our Wedding: The DIY, ultra-versatile bridesmaids dresses!

Before Geoff and I got engaged I found (and shortly became obsessed with) this amazing convertible dress, aka infinity dress, aka easy-peasy wonder dress! I found the tutorial to make it from Rostitchery. It’s basically a skirt with two long wide straps that you can wrap around you and wear in dozens of ways. I made myself a couple and loved them!

So when I started to think of potential bridesmaids dresses, these instantly came to mind. Cute, casual, COMFORTABLE, and very versatile. All my girls get to wear the dresses whatever way they like best. So I took on the task of making them for my 4 bridesmaids. They took about 1-2 hours each and were pretty inexpensive too. (Costing under $60 each!). Here they are hanging up.

There are designers that make a similar dress, like Butter by Nadia and Two Birds Bridesmaids. My version sported a few tweaks like built-in tube top and one was even a maternity version for my MOH. I wrapped them all up and packaged them with a note filled with websites that feature the dress with pics and videos about how to tie them.

I gave them beaded necklaces to wear on the big day. (Oh, how I adore chunky beaded necklaces!)

I gave them to the girls on Friday and we had a “Wrap Party”. We played with the dresses and all the different ways to wear them. It was a bunch of fun and I think all the girls liked the dresses. I had a great time making them for all my favorite girls! I can’t wait to show off what they all looked like in them! Just over a month until the BIG DAY!

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