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Tia and Braden are married! (teaser)

We just loved shooting Tia and Braden’s quirky alternative wedding! They had so, so many personal details, including the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses that Tia’s mother made, a chemistry unity ceremony, the cake that Tia herself made, even cute little buttons with cartoon Tia and Braden’s on them! It began with a picnic in the park and ended with friends and family swing dancing the night away at Midtown Stomp. Such a uniquely personal way to celebrate the love of two awesome people!

The entire bridal party wore different converse. So colorful!

How stinkin’ cute are these buttons of Braden, Tia and their cat?!

The bridal party posed with chemistry-related cardboard cutouts.

During our portrait session, we stopped for a few twirls in front of Midtown Stomp, where the wedding partied later on that evening.

Getting married can be pretty tiring! So we made a stop at Temple Coffee for a quick java jolt and a few minutes of relaxation. What is Tia holding for Braden?

A cute little straw-paper heart! (which I may or may not have inadvertently thrown away as trash. :( I know, I suck.)

Congratulations to Tia and Braden, for doing their own thing in such an awesome way! More photos to come soon!


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