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Welcome to the world, Baby Eva!

We are all sooo happy around here to finally welcome baby Eva to the world! My dear friend Helena spent 36 hours in the hospital (ack!) before giving a cesarean birth to Eva Jasmine on October 11, 2009 at 12:02 pm.

I felt so honored to be in the room when Eva was brought into the world. I’m telling you, it was EMOTIONAL! I cried like (excuse the pun) a baby.

Our first little peek at baby Eva!

We were all completely shocked when she appeared to us. Eva is one huge baby! Everyone in the room took guesses for how big she was…9 pounds…10?

I loved seeing Helena’s face when she first saw the little person she had been so anxiously waiting to meet.

Sol was a proud papa too. I love that you can tell he’s got a big smile on his face even though he’s got a mask on.

Finally, she was weighed and measured. Eva was born 11 pounds, 1 ounce. She was 22 inches long! Helena you are amazing for carrying her around!

This next photo just gets me. Just look at all the emotion in momma’s face from the first time she got to see her baby up close.

Check out all Eva’s adorable little features.

After a while big brother Shae came to the hospital, terribly excited to see his new little sister.

Many congratulations to Helena and Solomon for creating such a beautiful and healthy baby girl. She is absolutely perfect and I know you both will be wonderful parents for her. Thank you for letting me be a part of the birth, I cannot even express how amazing it was to witness Eva coming into the world and to be one of the first people to meet her. I am so proud of you both! Geoff and I both love your little family so much and we feel so lucky to know you.

Click here to see all of Eva’s birth day photos

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